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Here at Benchmark Training we employ the Functional Patterns Training System, we soley use this as it is proven time and time again to yield the best results and thats what we are here, a results driven service!

Functional Patterns is a training methodology that was founded in 2006 by CEO Naudi Aguilar. Naudi has conducted seminars globally certifying practitioners like us. We confidently say that Functional Patterns is the best in the fitness industry, take a look at the results achieved world wide by Functional Patterns practitioners.


What are Functional Patterns?

Unlike any other point in human history, the greatest health crisis we face as a species is the imbalances that exist within our modern society and our misalignment with nature. This has had a substantial impact on our movement capabilities as we’ve shifted our daily practices from their roots in natural processes towards sociocultural processes. How do we find balance in today’s world with all the dys-biosis that surrounds us? It’s simple, our adaptability to the natural environment determines our health. The better balanced we are with nature, the longer and stronger we live. For humans, this means bringing us back to the beneficial aspects of our evolutionary blueprint that made us healthy to begin with.


There’s an evolutionary blueprint to all organisms, and Functional Patterns has been cracking the code in human movement for nearly 15 years. Resulting from tens of thousands of hours in testing, we have pioneered the FP methodology, syncing the physics of our natural environment to our health better than any other system out there. Our conclusion has been to train humans according to their biological movement characteristics: Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing — The “FP Big 4”. By optimizing these four human functions, achieving better health is not a gamble, but an inevitability. This is what it means to train Functional Patterns!

"We take the guesswork out of taking care of your body"

Our Practitioners

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Frank Morris

Frank's passion for sports and performance initially lead him down the path of becoming a personal trainer through the AIF (Australian Institute of Fitness) where he completed his Certificate III & IV in Fitness.After suffering bouts of debilitating pain and injuries he began searching for something outside of traditional methods. It became nonsensical to think the notion “no pain, no gain.” and injuries should be the norm when trying to improve your body.

Fast forward to finding Functional Patterns, everything changed. Frank took a hiatus from training clients until he retrained his understanding of how the body should be cared for with FP principals.

Since completing FP’s Human Biomechanics Specialist (2) Course Frank now solely employs this method during his sessions. The reasoning for this is simple, it gets results.


"My goal is longevity, we have one body and should prioritise its efficiency and state of wellness."

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What We Do

» Get rid of Chronic Pain

» Increase Muscle Mass

» Address Dysfunctional Movement

» Drop Body Fat

» Reduce Risk of Injury

» Improve Energy

» Get Better Sleep

What We Do

Client Results

"I was having lower back and neck pains. I tried both physio and chiro but felt I wasn't getting anywhere other than a short term fix. I came across Frank at Benchmark training and I'm really glad I did! Since starting Functional Patterns training my symptoms have reduced drastically. Not only have I gained physical improvements (less pain, being fitter and feeling healthier), my mental health is also improving. Frank is welcoming, knowledgeable and is really invested in your progress. I only wish I found FP & Frank sooner!"


Back and Knee Pain Improvements
Back and Knee Pain Improvements

Before January 8th 2021

❌ Max Speed 15km/hr 

❌ Body Weight 90kg

❌  Initially when Ben came to me walking alone was a challenge due his constant knee and back pain, these issues have restricted him from running for years as doing so worsened his condition so much to which he could not walk and would need to take time off from work as a tradesmen to recover.
Here in the before video Ben was tentative to run out of fear he would hurt himself further. We managed to get him comfortable enough to execute a fast jog relative to his abilities however he needed to cease doing so shortly after due to the pain in the right side of his back and anterior portion of his right knee worsening.

“I would avoid doing any strenuous activities like running as it would leave me incapacitated because of the pain I would have from doing it and I would be unable to work, it’s a risk I could not take.”

After December 19th 2022

✅ Max Speed 30.7km/hr 

✅ Body Weight 75kg 

✅ No Pain

There’s still work to be done however Ben continues to chip away at the inefficiencies in his body every day even on the worksite to ensure he doesn’t return to this state ever again.

“When I started off with Frank, I was looking for a solution for my lower back and knee problems which came after years of playing rugby. I had spent countless hours going to physio, but ultimately I had to give it up which lead to me being the most out of shape I’ve ever been. Although physio would help for up to a month, there was nothing outside of the rudimentary stretches that created a sustainable fix to my constant recurring issues. Not only after less than 2 years of training has the pain gone away, but I have begun to excel in all of my physical endeavours like water skiing, snowboarding and my efficiency in my work as a tradesmen. I’m currently the fittest I’ve been since leaving rugby and I haven’t had to deal with the lingering pain and found something that I can focus on without the fear of my knee buckling or my back being in so much pain that I can’t walk.”



Scoliosis Changes in 9 sessions

Before February 1st

❌ Excessive anterior tilt/shift
❌ Low intrabdominal pressure

❌ Scoliotic curvature
❌ Hyper extension of the knee leading to pain

After March 15th

✅ Improved overall stacking of joints
✅ Improved intrabdominal pressure
✅ No knee pain
✅ Improvements in scoliosis


"I have tried Personal Training that just left me exhausted and I have tried Physio that never seemed to solve my issues. Frank's work at Benchmark Training however, just made sense! If I move more efficiently, I can't help but function optimally!

Affordable, holistic & low impact, I have increased mobility, lost some weight and sleep better, all goals when I began training with Frank. Highly recommended!"


Adolescent Scapular Winging
Adolescent Scapular Winging
Adolescent Scapular Winging
Adolescent Scapular Winging

Adolescent Client Changes

Before March 1st 2022
After June 17th 2022

❌ Constant Pain
❌ Scoliotic curvature (lumbar) causing right hip hike leading to shortness in right leg and hyper extension in left (Posterior view)
❌ Lordosis coupled with excessive anterior tilt and shift
❌ Excessive Scapular winging and clavicle depression
❌ Poor intrabdominal pressure
❌ Right anterior rib compression

✅ Minimal Pain Daily
✅ Spinal alignment improved, lumbar curvature reduced and leg deficit improved (Posterior view)
✅ Overall Joint stacking significantly improved
✅ Scapular and clavicle positioning greatly improved
✅ Improved intrabdominal pressure
✅ Ribcage compression reduced

My Client (15 y/o) came to me suffering from constant pain across his body. He has suffered from a scoliosis from birth which he’s had limited improvements when using other methods.

After training 1x a week from March 1st - June 17th 2022 my client reports minimal pain daily during his studies and is feeling much more competent using his body without the limitations he felt he initially had.

Neck and Back pain improvements + Muscle Gain
Neck and Back pain improvements + Muscle Gain

Neck Back & Shoulder Pain


Before: 4th May 2022

-Constant Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain

-Hospitalised after sustaining a neck injury from an impact on a sand bank while surfing which resulted in damage to the cervical spine.

-Body weight 85kg


After: 24th October 2022

-Pain Free

-Overall Structural integrity Improved -Muscle mass increased

by 7kg Body weight 92kg


“I have grown up doing surf life saving my whole life, but have always struggled to train consistently due to injuries like constantly rolling my ankles and having lower back pain. As I got older into my late teens, I noticed I started to have constant back pain, sore hips and quads during and after running. I thought going to the gym and getting strong would cure these problems, but after 5 years of going to the gym, I felt no relief in my body. I also tried physio and chiro for years, they would release the tension during those sessions, but within a few hours I was back to feeling the same pain. After joining FP and working with Frank, he has addressed the problems in my body and created solutions I can apply to prevent and correct these issues.”


Scheuermann's disease Improvements + Weight loss
Scheuermann's disease Improvements + Weight loss
Scheuermann's disease Improvements + Weight loss

Scheuermann's Disease and Weight loss improvements.

Before: 25th November 2021

❌Excessive Kypho-Lordotic curvature due to clients condition of Scheuermann’s disease first diagnosed as a teenager during high school.

❌Excessive body fat 100kg (220lbs)
❌Poor abdominal recruitment
❌Pain in achilles
❌Knee pain when walking up stairs
❌Muscle atrophy, specifically on back due to long term postural positioning

After: 29th September 2022

✅ Improved postural positioning mitigating the compounding effects of Scheuermann's Disease
✅ Currently weighs 79kg (174.1 lbs) body fat reduced by 21kg (46.2 lbs)
✅ No Pain
✅Increased muscle mass specifically posterior view

From a young age my client Wayne has been dealing with Scheuermann's disease which has progressively deteriorated his posture and movement. Wayne committed 1-2 days a week to try and mitigate the effects of this disease and lose weight. He can now operate pain free after
employing FP diet and training protocols to address his dysfunctions both physically and behaviourally. Wayne has done this whilst raising a family of 4 children and teaching simultaneously, demonstrating there’s always time to look after yourself first so you can look after those around you.


Scapular Winging and Back Spasms fixed

Back Spasms & Scapular Winging


20th December 2021
❌ Sacrum posteriorly shifted
❌ Scapular winging
❌ Lumbar compression
❌ Back spasms leaving him incapacitated

3rd January 2023
✅ Sacrum positioning Improved
✅ Scapular positioning Improved
✅ Spinal decompression
✅ No back pain

When Charlie initially contacted me he was suffering from severe back spasm and debilitating soreness which left him incapacitated. These spasm began to occur whilst riding clients horses which was becoming increasingly dangerous. Being a high risk job we’ve had setbacks along the way encountering a broken foot and wrist which we’ve had to work around. Charlie has made great progress so far, his commitment to application of what we teach in his sessions and outside during work hours has been the defining factor in him overcoming his issues.

“Having been a full-time horse rider for over 10 years has led to my body being pretty stiff and sore just from daily work let alone the other injuries. Just getting out of bed some days was hard work physically. It got to the point where I was also severely limited in my abilities at work. To most people I looked fine on the outside but there was a lot of issues that weren’t obvious to the untrained eye. I found Functional Patterns online and was lucky that Frank was a practitioner nearby. I’ve noticed a lot of improvement working with him and am no longer suffering from the debilitating pain I had previously.”


Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain, sick after exercising overcome

Neck, Back, Shoulder & Knee Pain


27th October 2022 - 3rd January 2024


❌ Neck pain

❌ Before - 6/10 soreness particularly on left side

✅ Now - 0/10


❌ Left shoulder + lumbar pain causing broken sleeping patterns

❌ Before - 10/10

✅ Now - 2/10 improved sleep, able to have a full nights rest



❌ Knee hyperextension, tight hamstrings, previously had arthroscopic surgery on right knee for torn meniscus

❌ Before - 8/10 strained sensation on posterior, soreness on internal/anterior

✅ Now - 1/10


❌ Tight hips and quads

❌ Before - 6/10 feeling stiff

✅ Now - 2/10 minimal tightness



❌ Would fall ill after sessions requiring time off

❌ Before - 8/10 intensity

✅ Now - 0/10 no illness post exercise


✅ Improved Intra-abdominal pressure


✅ Improved joint stacking


✅ Confidence in her body again


✅ All following FP protocols





“Before training with Frank I struggled with shoulder, neck, back, hamstring and knee pain, exasperated by pregnancy. I also dealt with a reactive nervous system and muscle atrophy that led to illness following exercise. Frank was able to re-condition my body through functional patterns to get me to a place where I could build strength, correct structural issues and live without pain. I’ve learned so much through Frank and the functional patterns program; I think about and process movement vastly differently. It’s a change to your way of living and I’ll continue to do functional patterns as my main form of training.”


One on one personal training Functional Patterns
Functional Patterns
One on one personal training Functional Patterns
Functional Patterns
Functional Patterns
functional training



Initial Consultation Session

This is a compulsory first step where we discuss concepts and develop a plan of action to address any pain or issues in your posture and gait cycle (walking/running) whilst seeing how we can best achieve your goals!


90 minutes

1 on 1


 Training Session

During these sessions we get to work on solving your problems and helping you move and feel better than ever before whilst achieving a workout fit for your needs


60 minutes

one off


for those who complete the introductory session and aren't able to commit to a weekly appointment 


60 Minutes


Benchmark Training

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